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Blockchain Protection System

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How To Copyright Your Work!

With the help of Counos Copyright Protection System, the Blockchain network of Counos X will be used to register all types of copy rights and patents. This feature can be used to register and store all types of patents, invention patents, intellectual property rights, music rights, and any other type of copyrights.

Quick & Easy-To-Use

Copyright protection in just 5 minutes & Simply Register

Safe & Secure System

Swiss Based, Secure, Trusted and Confidential

Get Copyright Protection

For Any Type of Intellectual Property


Music, Songs, Sounds & Lyrics

Art Work

Designs, Paintings, Logos & Sculptures


Books, Poems, Articles & Scripts.


Apps, Websites, Code & Databases

Step Process Our Service

Recording all the necessary information for a proper and legitimate copyright patent for intellectual property ownership


Register & Login to our member area

Upload Work

Click the Upload Work & Submit to our secure in a tamper-proof 

Receive a Piece

You will receive a piece of cryptocurrency, Counos X



Your work never opened by our staff

Reference Number

Registered works receive a unique reference number

Digital Certificate

You will be assigned a digital certificate

Detailed Instructions

Step by Step tutorial for how to use our service